WordPress Domain Direct

Just converted NotesFromKris.wordpress.com to NotesFromKris.com.  Had to change my registrar DNS records at godaddy to ns1, ns2 and ns3.wordpress.com and pay $9.97 per year to WordPress.  Good deal!

Then I went to godaddy registrar and forwarded my other domains to NotesFromKris.com (NotesFromChris.com, NotesFromChris.net, NotesFromKris.net).

Now…I need to focus on the difference between my WordPress and my Blogspot blogs…hmm…I’ll focus another day…


Simplest Cheapest Way to Start SEO On Your Website

Add title property to your a href tags.

Add alt property to your img srcs.

Add meta title, description and kewords to your pages.

Name your pages and images with keywords.

And if you’re really daring and advanced, your CSS classes should be aptly named with keywords too – don’t go overboard.


End Lesson One.

Letting it Ride…

Not all decisions in life need to be fully thought through with if/then scenarios and alternate plans.  Sometimes you need to be able to adjust accordingly depending on the situation.  Let’s say, for instance, that you have a deadline at work and it’s a company that sells aviation artwork.  You have created a campaign for them to notify their users of a desktop background that will be available for download.  Is this time critical – really – is it critical that a background make it to your client by a certain time?  Sometimes – maybe it’s related to a timely event, like the election or the release of a new aircraft that only the artist has seen and rendered.  First to market might be critical.  In reality, you need to look at the big scheme of things whereby quality control would be more important than deadline in this matter.

Take going out to eat as another example.  Does it really have to be thought through to the nth degree of who and what exact time you will be meeting.  The place would be the critical factor so that everyone gets someplace.

Personally, I like a mix of both worlds and I definitely turn off my brain when small tasks are overthought.  Sometimes the simplest solution is the best.

Biggest Mistakes in the Web Industry

In my 10+ yrs in web I’ve seen sites come and go faster than popcorn at a movie theatre.

Here are the common website development and management issues we see in dealing with mom and pop shops all the way up to the high rollers in big business.

1. Biting off more than you can chew

While it’s great to think big, you need to also be able to partition your goals into manageable chunks. This is our strength. We will help you phase your website into full blossom, but first we must start with a seed. Create Web Presence. Don’t just be there, GET PICKED!

2. Nibbling away at the details

Yes, we’ve seen those people too with the microscopes out at every turn of the corner. These are the people who will lament over a shade of green (on the web, you must understand, the colors are dependent upon a users monitor and we must, therefore select a hue that is interpreted by the majority) or fuss over design pixel width. Please let us (web professionals – we’re everywhere!) determine this for you. We will create the big picture for your company to help you get recognized. In subsequent phases AFTER you are receiving revenue and getting the conversion and hits you desire, we will enhance.

3. Management By Committee – NOT!

Typically this happens in non-profit organizations and government constituents. Give us one point of contact. Put one person in charge of final approvals and empower that person. Whomever gets this lucky role, be sure to make it clear that while you will accept and note all requests, not ALL of them can or will be implemented immediately. Be sure to praise people who provide feedback and don’t scoff at new ideas. We (again the royal “we”)  just don’t want your job to become stressful. Keep positive and keep in touch with us to discuss your concerns.

4. Print is not the same as Web design!

We get the biggest push-back on designs from the print companies.  Some of us turn down print companies for this reason. Print media allows for more definition and saturation; these are the detail people. Web design varies by (each user’s monitor) and computer display set-up. All monitors can only reasonably display 72dpi (dots per inch) and can only reasonably display a smaller spectrum of colors: http://html-color-codes.com.

5. eCommerce

This goes along with #1 above; don’t bite off more than you can chew. If you do decide to add products to your website, add 10-15 best sellers that will implement a similar shipping policy and are simple products. By this we mean; don’t offer a t-shirt that offers 15 sizes, 10 colors, , 7 collar types, 3 sleeve lengths, 5 embroidery patterns, and 25 colors of stitching to select unless you are ready to commit and spend the money to do it all.

6. Don’t be cheap

Spend money on advertising. We will advise you on how to spend your money wisely using Pay Per Click (PPC) ads or Social Networking ala Twitter, Facebook, article publishing, etc.  It is suggested that you talk to your accounting department to see what you can spend on marketing. We recommend starting at $500/mo for PPC; if you can start with more, let us know. We may not need it all, but it’s always good to know. I left this area completely open for comment because each website is different and will require an individual customized plan.

7. Don’t Design

We (royal) have professional designers on staff or on call to create a design that is simple for search engines to spider and is appealing.  Give us your website goals; why are you creating a web presence?  All you have to do is provide some sites you like (any why) and don’t like (and why).  Any brochures or pamphletes; a professionally designed logo; all would be helpful.  Don’t have a logo?  We can provide that as well.  Be prepared (see #6) to start at $3500 for logo design (includes web AND print value).

8. Trust a Professional

We are good at what we do.  Why should you have to learn this inside and out? You know your business, we know how to promote business and help you GET PICKED!  Almost started a business with a low-hanging peach (I’m in Atlanta).  Get it? Get Picked?