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  • Joomla, WordPress, Google Analytics, Soholaunch/SMT, GoDaddy QuickCart, WebSite Live
  • Soholaunch/SMT, MySQL reporting, Camtasia, dotProjekt, Navicat, Camtasia, php editing
  • PCs used at work, all Macs at home
  • HTML, FTP (gotta know this if you claim to be a web techie in any way, shape or form)
  • Seesmic, HootSuite, Twitter, Facebook

A While Ago

  • COBOL, HTML/CSS, Delphi, Perl
  • MS Office, IIS, KnowledgeWare, Project Workbench


Currently working towards PM Certification at KSU, Kennesaw, GA

M.S. Management 1998
State University of New York at Oswego Oswego, NY

B.S. Management Information Systems 1990
Clarkson University Potsdam, NY


Currently Sole-Prop DBA NotesFromKris as a Web Solution Provider and Project Manager; seeking contract to full-time work in Web Development Field or Technical Management

Radius3, Marietta, GA Feb 2003 – June 2010
Project Management and Sales Support

  • Joomla training for clients after project completion; follow-up support
  • Project Manager of all incoming projects; use of dotProjekt for tracking
  • Lead estimating on web application design and development tasks
  • Development of specifications for programmer development from 2hr to 200hr projects
  • Primary sales contact for all incoming national and international sales team requests
  • Performed Product Training using GotoMeeting and Technical Support using GotoAssist
  • Responsible for deploying Beta Software Release to testers and compiling feedback
  • Primary “voice” of company
  • Responsible party for compilation of product documentation using Camtasia, Jing or Word

Senior Project Manager

  • Technical support for a L.A.M.P. software product.
  • Management of at least 15 projects at a time.
  • Coordinated production center activity to complete projects.
  • Created documentation on various php applications.
  • Lead estimating on major portion of customization web applications.
  • Lead support team on content management product.
  • Training coordination for internal and client education.

DISCOVERY TOYS, INC., Marietta, GA Dec 1999 – Dec 2003
Independent Educational Consultant

  • Initiated, conducted sales encounters at individual and corporate level.
  • Created Access contact database and sales tracking for reporting and mailing.

STATE OF GEORGIA, Atlanta, GA Jan 2000 – Mar 2000
Encyclopedia Administrator – Flexible Benefits System
Updated master Encyclopedias (Online, Batch, Common Modules, Security Modules) by combining programs from 6 different machines while ensuring integrity of programs.
Updated CICS tables using CEDA.
Generated, uploaded and compiled COBOL programs in test and production.
Central Coordinator of Change Control Process.

BLACKSTONE & CULLEN, INC. Atlanta, GA Sep 1996 – Apr 1999
Junior Analyst

  • Maintained ASP and SQL Server website for Camera Equipment bidding system. Website updated using Visual Interdev with VB Script and SQL Enterprise Manager.
  • Maintained Perl and Oracle website for Golf Club auction bidding system using Multi-Edit, Netscape Enterprise Server, Oracle Enterprise Manager, and FTP.
  • Created music eCommerce site using Perl, Oracle, Mercantec SoftCart and CyberCash; including the integration of data from three different vendors. Gathered requirements, oversaw change control process, participated in project planning, managed outsourcing of project to other vendors, conducted all correspondence with ISPs and vendors, managed delegation of part time employees.
  • Assisted in the development of safety shoes eCommerce website using Yahoo! Store Front.
  • Constructed web site for nationally syndicated computer clinic radio show. Website updated using Multi-Edit and FTP.
  • Constructed website for local Dentist to increase customer awareness. Site created using MS FrontPage.
  • Worked with local bank to construct an informational web site about S&L and parent holding company. Established multiple domain names to point to same IP Address. Created website using MS FrontPage.
  • Conducted Validity Test for an AP/PO Install including Year2000 Compliance testing in MVS environment.
  • Tested Fixed Assets programs for Year2000 compliance using Data Commander® COBOL tool in MVS environment.

Various Small Businesses Aug 1994 – Jun 1997

  • Created web sites for small business owners (2-3) in Microsoft FrontPage; included tutoring.

CCC, Inc. Atlanta, GA Aug 1994 – Sep 1996
State of Georgia – Production Coordinator – Flexible Benefits System

  • Coordinated Change Control efforts of 8 consultants
  • Migrated programs from PC to Mainframe
  • Compiled System Turnover documentation
  • State of Georgia – Encyclopedia Administrator – Flexible Benefits System
  • Developed, documented, and enforced programming and Encyclopedia standards
  • Coordinated and implemented creation of master Encyclopedias (220 Batch and Online)
  • Coordinated and executed the String and System test plans
  • Programmed in ADW CICS/ DB2 environment; tested with MicroFocus COBOL and XDB
  • Created and maintained CICS tables using CEDA
  • Created and maintained ASSIST / GT help screens for system

CTG, Inc. Syracuse, NY and Atlanta, GA Jul 1991 – Aug 1994
GTE (ATL, GA) Project Administrator – Financial Administration/Materials Mgmt Area

  • Supported Project Management goals and task tracking with Project Workbench
  • Managed Change Control and technical specification documentation
  • Niagara Mohawk, IBM Project (NY) Encyclopedia Administrator – Customer Svc System
  • Integrated individual Encyclopedias into central repository using ADW
  • Supported and trained Team Encyclopedia Administrators and Developers
  • Tested in MicroFocus COBOL and XDB
  • Enforced naming standards and reconciled project deliverables
  • Created daily backups using SYTOS
  • GTE (Camillus, NY) Application Programmer – Payroll Department
  • Programmed, tested, and turned over various reports in a Batch COBOL MVS environment
  • Developed new report programs; Implemented user enhancements to existing programs
  • General Electric Corporation (NY) PC Administrator – Financial Application Area
  • Learned and supported financial forecasting tool
  • Maintained data integrity and the smooth operation of current PC functions

Associate Systems Analyst – COBOL DB2 programming on banking applications.


Bells Ferry Elementary
Past PTA Board Position(s): Treasurer (3yrs)
Past Committee(s): Membership/Recruitment, Yearbook

Major Skills: Organization, Patience, Team Work and Delegation

T.D.P.Y.C. (Yacht Club on Allatoona Lake)
Current Board Position(s): Yeoman, Purser
Past Committee(s): Spirit Wear, Party Planning, and Speaker Recruitment

Major Skills: Cold Calling, Research, Organization and Delegation

Sports: Tennis and Volleyball (in earlier years), Soccer (GACSL), Jazzercise

Major Skills: Perseverance, Team Work

Further Education: ASL

Major Skills: Diligence, Passion

References on LinkedIn from Frank Cullen (see below) plus 4 others I worked with recently via Radius3.

T.E.D. Andrick, co-worker at web development company
Please contact at email: ted AT

Cynthia Horn, ex-co-worker at current web development company
Please contact at email: chorn AT

Frank Cullen, ex-boss at Blackstone & Cullen, Inc. (reference:
or Charlie Crawford, co-worker at Blackstone & Cullen, Inc.
Business Phone: 770.612.1550