About NotesFromKris

NotesFromKris is actually Kristina McInerny.  Blogging about topics from Search Engine Optimization (on anti-gravity chairs on http://www.joncolier.com/seo-notes) to Customer Service on http://NotesFromKris.blogspot.com (or www.KristinaMcInerny.com – not kept up) to Project Management and other stuff here.  Not to mention, running her web business at www.NotesFromKris.com (website training and maintenance)

Also www.WebsitesByKris.com : creating websites for busy professionals.

I will Twitter about SEO, iPhone apps, local social media events, and customer service stories.  Facebook is for family and friends and slowly I’m adding business partners.  If you’ve never met me, don’t ask to connect.

I can pick up anything and run with it and if I don’t know it, I can find someone who does.  I’ve used Joomla, Drupal, WordPress (duh!) and on my todo list is Project Management Certification and downtown Atlanta revitalization project on Hotel Row on Mitchell Street; I started this if you are interested in 30303 Atlanta, GA: http://facebook.com/HotelRowHistoricDistrict

Check out more about me on My Resume Page: I have 3 different resumes.  I don’t keep them up to date, so just shoot me an email and we can chat.

Love reading, good friends, interesting conversation/discussions and cheap wine.


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